Rockwatcher, the first custom designed stopwatch for curlers

                  ROCKWATCHER  Pro Edition 

      Get the competitive edge, take your game to a higher level

  • Custom Designed Angled Display, Slim Narrow profile

  • 3 Interval Timer and Recall Memory

  • Accuracy Tested to 1/100th second

  • Large Digit Holographic Display

  • 3v Lithium Battery

  • Shock Resistant, Narrow Profile and Lightweight Design

  • Audible Beep, On / Off Control

  • Safety Lanyard, protects against accidental dislodge

  • Timer Band is made with Durable RipStop Nylon fabric exterior, soft inner fabric with Silicone Pimples grip the brush handle and allows easy positioning on the brush handle at anytime.

$49.99 CAD Free Shipping(Canada)over $45

the first custom designed stopwatch for curlers



The perfect timing solution for curlers.


                          New !  

We have a limited number of PINK Rockwatchers for Breast Cancer awareness. Show your support, wear PINK


When requesting the PINK ROCKWATCHER type P I N K  in the "instructions to merchant".